Good morning to those who

Big snow feb 2015   sink into this wild never-ending daylight;

Big snow feb 2015

breathlessly run, always expecting to stumble upon a wolf or a fox. A fairy, if only.

Big snow feb 2015

dance in the clearing or run after fireflies among the bushes, crazy for love;

Big snow feb 2015

never forget the transit of a fallen star;

Big snow feb 2015

while the morning moon is crumbling down,

Big snow feb 2015

stopping her futile wandering


Big snow feb 2015

to shape to my feeling, eventually.


Happy Valentine’s Day.

The love alphabet

Life is hard for collectors. Only a few samples of the entire collection of photographs slipped through her fingers. She jealously treasured it to the end. The reason for such a strict custody lies in the folders of this story.

They fell in love on the eve of the War, which left them both unharmed. He, a test pilot, used to wear a pair of thin mustache, à la mode until 1937. She, conveniently desirable and given to reverie, couldn’t stop smiling and addressing him letters in a delicate and airy handwriting that she thought proper for her unique and special reader.

In return, she received overexposed snap-shots, stressed by an intangible chromatic intensity, painfully suffocated or burnt by the solar bulb, which he imprudently took during his solo flights.

The first she got was wholly black. She promptly praised his effort to catch the entirety without falling behind the single element. Nevertheless, she exhorted him not to exclude other ways to approach the universal beauty.

Such a warm support produced an increase in his audacity and more shots soon came: inconsistent walls of clouds, massive skies opening on a solid void that she imagined to be desperately deaf to the comforting sound of the backwash and the leaves rustling.

In a word, they made up a new love alphabet. And it drew the interest of the public.

When she was called to share her memories or unveil their secrets, she waved and said “Phew! He was a skilled dancer, but often his steps were out of my reach.”

Fortress Fenestrelle, Val Chisone (Turin) Italy
Fenestrelle Fortress, Val Chisone (Turin) Italy

MICROfiction #23