When the leaves take on the colours of autumn

Short trip among the golden, yellow, orange and brown nuance of the larches in the magic Occitan land: Val Maira (Cottian Alps), Italy.


Great weekend by B&B Lou Bià, Val Maira, CN Italy

Over rolling

Earth has a melancholic and reflective character; it’s an issue she doesn’t talk easily about. Most of the time, she racks her brains about a simple question: “How scared am I of emptiness?” “So much” she answers herself from distant.

One day she met Light and got totally baffled, but didn’t step back from that chromatic turmoil.

At first, she was caught by the warmth of a solid, proud but quickly blended yellow hue; then by the greedy and deep hug, typical of some red tones. Finally, she fell into a dry black space and cried out, without shame, all the solitude of her being.

Surrounded by the chiaroscuro, she closed the eyes and reached the apex.

It followed an exciting yet meaningless masterpiece, born of the rainbow and the over rolling.

Conversation (or The story seller)
Conversation (or the Story Seller)

microFICTION #10