In this page you can read the 2012 project called: “Haiku 365 – 365 Photos”.

It was a one year project with a Haiku and a brand new photo posted every day.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

# 001

frozen clouds

impalpable pyramids

spores, silence

White clouds - Winter first lights

# 002

circles on water

like a leaf I stay afloat

antique enchantment

Waterfall - Panaro River, Italy 2012

# 003

puffs of smoke, ashes

suffocated in the breeze

a late, vain whistle

Woods surrounding a small village

# 004

horses, crack the whip

petrified by crazy eyes

among dried husks, snakes

Husks and chestnuts - Italy 2011

# 005

fistful of sharp stars

run through the dark firmament

winter, a shriek cry

simply, the Moon

# 006

sparkles over the marsh

fugitive appearances

will-o’-the-wisp, ghosts

Streetlamps, Italy 2011

# 007

everlasting rain

like a lump in my  throat

prey, a pack of wolves

Wolf - Bayerische National Park, Germany 2010

# 008

a carpet of musk

white spatters, graceful flakes dance

the fairy Kingdom

Iced river - Val Maira, Italy 2011

# 009

fragments of glass

mirror of the firmament

end of the Rainbow

Marks and pebbles, foreshore, Adriatic See Italy 2011

# 010

a bird is singing

on the edge of nightfall

slowly go, adrift

Sea, Elba - Italy 2010

# 011

a soft blowing sound

unsteady house of cards

orange, lavender

Windmills, Balloon festival - Ferrara, 2011 italy

# 012

early morning star

transparent, magic lantern

empty hermitage

Early moon, National Park Monti Sibillini, 2011 Italy

# 013

destiny maker,

sand flows in the sandglass

and through my fingers

Occitan memories, Val Maira, Italy 2011

# 014

Sol-fa, sweet Piper

modulating your solfège

pond lilies open

The Piper, original sticker on a wall, Bologna Italy 2011

# 015

sunk into the snow

the dragoon left a deep mark

goblin, your last trick

Ferret footprints, Italy, Appennini 2011

# 016

all of a sudden

the quiet is broken

a beat of wings

Ginestre [Ginestae] Elba, Italy 2010

# 017

hanging by a thread

hundreds of frozen blades.

Empty chalices

Stalactites, Piedmont, Italy 2011

# 018

thick, chalky fog

I can barely say how far

Is heaven from earth

Bell tower in the fog, Bologna - Italy 2010

# 019

Sirocco sea breeze

colored sheets against the walls

quietly dance

View of Chioggia, Italy 2011

# 020

fully rewarded

day flies away like a dream

and makes room for stars

Sunset, Tyrrhenian Sea - Italy 2010

# 021

piano practice.

A sequence of languid notes

linger in the room

Calle, a narrow street in Venice - Italy 2011

# 022

gusty trade winds

sneak like ravenous wolves

in search of a draft

Crete Senesi in a windy day. Italy 2010

# 023

small hesitations

fatally open the door,

the world comes in

Blue room, Sorano, Italy 2010

# 024

a strange vibration

puzzled, dogs stop chasing

desolated wood

Wood, between Germany and Czech Rep. 2010

# 025

the human mind

is a place where the seed of

illusion germinates

Frozen leaves in the wood - Appennini, Italy 2012

# 026

a new day has come

dragging dark yellow clouds

across the sky

Yellow clouds before the rain, Appennini 2010

# 027

a breath of wind

moves  these obscure waters

to urge the rebirth

Reflections - Venice from another point of view

# 028

the night hides

the rest of a naïve dream,

shadow theatre

Shadows at sunset - Rocca Calascio AQ - Italy 2011

# 029

Mother of all waves

teach me the magic art

of surviving the storm

Seagull, Adriatic Sea - Italy 2010

# 030

wipe the slate clean

and start all over again,

yesterday is gone

La Fondar window, Venice - Italy 2011

# 031

none but shamans

can cross the mystic threshold

of the Oak trees

Oak tree in the Appennini, Italy 2011

# 032

power rests upon

improbable folk tales

and groundless claims

Canossa Castle and borgo, Canossa - RE - Italy 2012

# 033

snow and ground share

a never-ending passion,

desperate, hopeless

Snow, out of my window, today - Italy

# 034

I won’t say a word

humming, a soft vibration.

Snow, waves of snow

Snow wave, Appennino - Italy 2012

# 035

the silver wheel

opens the door to oblivion.

Winter comes in

Tree, Appennino - today - Italy

# 036

mythical source

dig your icy fingers down

into the idle ground

Acquacheta, waterfalls of - Italy 2011

# 037

at that time Fairies

used to gather around fountains

to quench their thirst

Neptune Fountain - detail, Bologna - Italy

# 038

stones can tell stories

and whisper in roamer’s ear

“it’s time to go home”

Stone sculpture - Gradara - italy

# 039

amazing art pieces

inlaid with past and future.

Escape to nowhere

Blue window, ruins

# 040

fragile sand castles

built, in spite of all

on a bed of shells

Chioggia - Italy 2010

# 041

Muse, look at me

can you spot in the crowd

a visionary?

Sculpture by Ugo Riva in the small village of Petrella Guidi - Italy

# 042

in front of me

the missing ingredients

for a happy dream

Yellow boots - Montepulciano, Italy

# 043

hanging by a thread

we untangle the web

of unsolved issues

spools of colored thread - Bologna

# 044

an immense silence.

Breathless, falling, still laughing

buried in the snow

The last snow - yesterday - Appennino 2012

# 045

fear of flying.

The matter leaves the shadow

rarely ever, behind

Hang gliders at the Ballon Festival - Ferrara 2011

# 046

blocked in by your strategy

I can’t place the  rook

in this odd chessboard

A great view of the Appennino in wintertime - Italy

# 047

that’s all I hear:

the murmur of the forest,

the beat of my heart

Sergio at the Traditional (primitve) archery games - Italy 2011

# 048

a creased one-way ticket

smell of clouds and paint

God, bring me down to earth

The London Eye - UK

# 049

rainbow is the mirror

of heaven’s vanity;

gorgeous, elusive


# 050

passion is timeless;

what is meant to outlive us

belongs to no one

Wine collection, Cellar of a restaurant in Chiusi, Italy

# 051

to false promises

and bitterness is immune

the true wanderer

Traveler, Venice - Italy 2011

# 052

the storyteller

captures the essence of life:

heroes and villains

art exhibition - Sorano, Italy 2010

# 053

the secret thoughts

appear from nowhere, gently

like ghost vessels

People waiting, maybe thinking - Venice, Italy

# 054

at breakneck speed

the time rides my wave

and slips through the fingers

Merry-go-round, Ferrara Italy

# 055

from my daydreaming

the fragrance, the sweetest, yours

won’t take me away

Street artist, Bologna - Italy

# 056

some drops of black ink

old, desperate remedy.

Fight off my demons

Nibs - writing instruments

# 057

repetitive strokes

bother the rhythm of the sea

across the lagoon

Oarsmen in the Venetian lagoon, Pellestrina Italy 2012

# 058

delicate light plays

under the livid surface

algae necklaces

Pellestrina, view - Italy 2012

# 059

behind that crazy mask

dust, scratches and roughness,

a smile on your lips

Blue window

# 060

in the twilight

a gramophone is whooshing

“Strawberry fields forever”

Venetian building

# 061

this springtime breeze

smells of eternal youth

illusions and jelly beans

Composition with small Medioevalis journal

# 062

words lie mute, insolent,

somewhere in your mind

waiting to be picked

sepia ink, green ink, sepia ink...

# 063

son of ancient winds

stop reading into my soul

tell me who I am

Horses, Valle Maira Cuneo, Italy

# 064

in the damp air

a man whistled quietly

an old partisan song

Gradara - view from the arch, Italy

# 065

a pale orchid twirls

Salomè, when the wind blows

dance, remove your veils

Wildflowers - Spring

# 066

despite the silence

life crawls under the surface

and into my veins

Fishing net in Pellestrina - Chioggia, Italy 2012

# 067

a thick veil of fog

it’s hard to tell dreams from truth

day from moonlight

The small village Comacchio, Italy

# 068

cool wind of March

people walk across the square

faster than clouds

"Anfiteratro" square in Lucca, Italy

# 069


time is just an illusion,

everlasting wait

Bronze of Puccini in Lucca, Italy

# 070

on my way home

your eyes on me. Hurry up!

the bell tolls six

Neptune's fountain (part of) - Bologna, Italy

# 071

a smile on your lips

slowly, shadows move  eastwards

night falls down, again

Saturday afternoon in Piazza Maggiore - Bologna, Italy

# 072

hand in hand we walk

humans fight for parking

a room left, some love

London, 2011

# 073

I can’t stay at night

between saints and other gods

quiet, for a while

Sun bathing in Piazza S.Giovanni, Rome - Italy 2012

# 074

Romans stones still bear

the endless procession

of the millipedes

Rome, Italy 2012

# 075

colorful flags shout

the stormy relationship

men, work and machines

Workers’ march, Rome - Italy

# 076

Blackthorn in blossom

pollen wedged into the hairs:

the first bumblebee

A bumblebee among flowers

# 077

tender leaves, alone

I’m chewing a blade of grass:

an intense taste of green

Young leaves of Lilac

# 078

let me stay with you,

a lizard and some knickknacks

basking in the sun

Once it was a window - Venice, Italy

# 079

the first ray of sun

primroses, just like popcorn

puff up with joy

Primule - Primroses from my garden

# 080

here is a cloud

the sea is getting darker:

oh! another cloud

Seagull in the Venetian lagoon

# 081

the sun went backwards:

long matches fought to the death

spinning the bar

Foosball - damaged table

# 082

the winds blow, I smile

Find  a nook, Little Match girl..

raindrops on my face

Bad weather in Tuscany - Italy

# 083

a loud screeching cry

water explodes in chips, then…

then nothing, I yawn

Just boats on the quay, Italy

# 084

lesson number one:

there’s no way to rise the sea

without some moon

Playing with water, Adriatic sea - Italy

# 085

wild white flowers,

the unbridled enthusiasm

of the short stories

Wild flowers in my garden, Italy

# 086

the rhythm of our lives

slow, silent, waltz or tango:

we are thin shadows

Bologna, view from Via Clavature, Italy

# 087

I’m up in the air,

words flit hither and thither

midges in a cloud

Chitchat in Venice - Italy

# 088

the roar of a plane

bounces, bounces off the clouds

slowly, it dies out

A small airplane flying on Ferrara - Italy

# 089

we stand on the quay,

the flowers on your foulards

waving in the wind

Standing on the quay, Pellestrina - Venice, Italy

# 090

breeze plays with blankets

thumb-and-forefinger, I blow

soapy hands, bubbles

Hanging blankets in Venice, Italy

# 091

windless summer nights,

the pleasing scent of lilies

I’ll never forget

Sand Daffodil, Mediterranean sea

# 092

an intrusive light

pushes its way through the clouds:

the spring overture

A fir waiting for the spring

# 093

cherubs can do it:

tireless hustle and bustle

on the heaven’s edge

Fresco, dome of Parma - Italy

# 094

deep, warm voice, solo:

the rough language of the sea

still gives me the creeps

Paddlers in the lagoon - backlight - Italy

# 095

the clear April sky

ignites the latent instincts

of pure travelers

The red car - Sunday to the park, Italy

# 096

a night without sleep

writing again and again

the very last scene

Posters in town, Bologna Italy

# 097

lost in the shuffle

chilly fingers gently stroke

rabbits in the grass

Heavy clouds climbing the hill, view from my window, Italy

# 098

tin-plated stars fade

ops! another dissonance

fiddler…mind your step

From via Santo Stefano to the Basilica, Bologna - Italy

# 099

I like your stories:

dark  whirlpools, foamy waters

and treacherous fauns

Poiano springs, Reggio Emilia - Italy

# 100

among the branches –

comes out of a clear blue sky

the pale morning light

New branches in the wood, Poiano Springs - RE, Italy

# 101

grey stony eyes

not a star above, nor moon

nor wind. voiceless. Mute

Stone scultures in a garden by the Bayerischer National Park, Germany

# 102

waves put shells ashore:

repetitive nun’s litanies

rise from the bottom

Parma, inside the cathedral, Italy

# 103

alone, close your eyes

sun, unfold the wings and wait.

Lymph flows in the veins

Butterfly in the wood

# 104

breathing under doors

waters have a role to play.

The show never ends

The sea at my door, Venice - Italy

# 105

a clap of thunder

sulfur, the match is on fire

all at once… it rains

Black clouds - out of my window, Italy

# 106

watching in silence

snakes – our shadows intertwine;

why do I love you?

Exhibition of the Impressionists - advertising print, 2011 Venice - Italy

# 107

heavy drops capture

the fragrance of the lilacs

blooming in the rain

Lilacs in my garden

# 108

..the first date, you smiled

red begonias, I told you..

I don’t like roses

Flower composition

# 109

sea breeze blows inland:

even the flame of the lamp

bends to the right

Rippling grass in the wind, somewhere in Italy

# 110

all of a sudden,

the hawk’s hoarse and rasping scream:

silence is broken

Pasubio Mountain, Italy

# 111

traveler comes

unexpected – like winter

love, help, happiness

Excursionist getting out of a cave - Pasubio Mountain, Italy

# 112

I didn’t mean it –

a deep breath yes, then I blew

– actually, I did

A mature dandelion

# 113

faithful to the sun,

daisies never give way to

the moon seduction


# 114

a moment before

the long way down – a scream!

wind blows our skirts up

View of the green hills - Appennini, Italy

# 115

white moody clouds

tickle fields and woods – and run

heading for nowhere

White clouds across the sky

# 116

two-hands sonata:

rain and wind are strumming

on my window-pane

Rain drops on my window pane

# 117

abandoned rooms:

oblique lights fill them up with

murmuring shadows

Ravenna, Basilica of San Vitale -  Italy

# 118

walk in a thin rain

someone’s breathing down my neck

drops falling in pond

She-bear, Bayerischer National Park - Germany

# 119

in the morning mist

the skeleton of a beech:

God plays with shadows

View of the Appennini - Far on the left the "Pietra di Bismantova" . Italy

# 120

close to my feet, moss

rich sap flows through branches:

the forest starts here!

Bayern - Germany, View

# 121

circular jumble

trees falling in the forest:

Pan plays Mikado

Timbers in the wood

# 122

when the light changes:

angels flap against the walls.

Amazing mosaics!

Basilica of SanVitale, Ravenna - Italy

# 123

romantic breakfast:

cherry jam in the croissant

raindrops on my hand

Outdoor table setting, Venezia - Italy

# 124

daily ritual:

I try to remove some beads

from your rosary

Tomatoes on display at a shop in Bologna

# 125

heavy silence – stones

ivy and thorns wondering

what takes me so far

Castle of Carpineti. RE - Italy

# 126

kiss me – make a wish:

one more jump in the water

what’s one little kiss

Boy with a frog by Charles Ray - Punta Dogana Venezia - Italy

# 127

the voice of the sea

tide makes boats wiggle around

dreaming of whales

The sea at sunset, Adriatic Sea - Italy

# 128

flickering candles

organist plays a false note

the sad verse plaid twice

Interno della Basilica di Sant'Apollinare Nuovo - Ravenna

# 129

clipped with clothes pegs

golden cobs hung in mid-air

spinning in the breeze

Cobs, dried tomatos and salami

# 130

a wasted journey

your cold shadow rains on me

today like Yesterday

Horse, sculpture in front of the Pinacoteca, Ravenna - Italy

# 131

sea evaporates

salt erodes the horizon

the lagoon dark face

Fog and sun in the Venetian lagoon - Italy

# 132

in the gentle breeze

algae lay long dark fingers

on fresh painted keel

Boat, reflection on the sea - Venetian lagoon

# 133

early morning walk

wind ruffling wild raspberries:

three black fingertips

View of the Appennino and a solitary trekker - Italy

# 134

a new day begins:

sunbeams whisper in the ears

of the sleeping man

Alpi Apuane, view of “the sleeping man” also knowns as “the dead man” peak - Italy

# 135

May – weather tantrum:

clouds go around in circles

little girl twirling hair

St. Bartolomeo cupola, view from the Asinelli Tower, Bologna - Italy

# 136

dog roses petals

impalpable white curtains:

perfect rendezvous

Dog roses in my garden, Italy

# 137

waxen carnations:

the soft absent-mindedness

poor voiceless poets

White Carnation in my garden

# 138

Acacia flowers:

sparkles after the comet

scent falls through the air

Acacia flowers

# 139

wild seeds destiny:

invisible hands throw life

against the wind

wild flower in a field

# 140

a pile of rubble –

again – the nervous flapping

of your gipsy fan

Petrella Guidi, view from the castle - Italy

# 141

unscheduled chant

low voice singing a requiem

heaven gates open

The marvelous St. Agata Feltria Theatre "A.Mariani"

# 142

red splashes on green

poppies fill the messy scene –

Mother earth just sneezed

Poppy in the green

# 143

in your breast pocket

a bunch of spearmint recalls

last summer follies

A nice view from my car, Apennine area - Italy

# 144

the call of the night:

wet hair – a glossy lipstick

where is my left shoe?

Bologna by night, practicing long exposures in Piazza St. Stefano. Italy

# 145

eternal riders:

no way to find a ticket

for the carousel

Mausoleum of Theodoric, Ravenna - Italy

# 146

carved in white marble

acanthus leaves tell Art endures –

another night falls

Marble stele in S.Apollinare Nuovo, Ravenna - Italy

# 147

black flash in the sky

sunlight lost just for a while:

the swoosh of a kite

Yellow marble paper - we're working at the new collection

# 148

lavender spikes swing

under the weight of  bumblebees:

instant reigns supreme

Lavander field

# 149

memories of war:

owls have nothing to reproach

themselves for –

Historical Park of Monte Sole – Marzabotto, Italy

# 150

the silent cloister

invaded by the whispers

of modern pilgrims

Monk, bronze statue in Bologna - Italy

# 151

mom can do magic:

knife turning around the world

apple peel streamers


# 152

quaintness boudoir

the echo of our laughter

rolls along the vaults

Vaults, Bologna - Italy

# 153

one more sleepless night:

chasing after a new day

from room to room

Inside view of the Gradara Castle - Italy

# 154

lost in translation:

sun draws cryptic arabesques

on the gray asphalt

Light plays with shadow

# 155

the fisherman’s knot:

the end of my dream runs through

the eye of the hook

Lying in the sun - Marina Romea, Adriatic Sea -Italy

# 156

small electric star

freshly laundered morning

finally ashore

Headlamp - Marina Romea, Adriatic sea

# 157

in the longest hour

shadow shrinks and run to me

giggling at my feet

1 pm: bicycles on the dock - Marina Romea dock -Italy

# 158

salty air bubbles

tide gathers the strong east winds

my boat still aground

A boat aground in the Venetian lagoon - Italy

# 159

disguised nostalgia

a  wolf in a moonless night

red, indigo dye

Boat waiting for repairs - Venetian lagoon, Italy

# 160

It’s just you and me

blowing love into this place

fragile bubble

Air baloon- Ferrara air Baloon festival

# 161

exclusive and short

street art can’t stop cheating life

just once… and once more

Street performer, today in Bologna, Italy

# 162

groaning in the close

hit-and-miss barometer

fruitless – sterile seed

Abandoned iron structures

# 163

night fire siren calls

horses run at breakneck speed

their heads cut the fog

Museum of firemen department, Mantova - Italy

# 164

falling from the sun

the eyes rest on an old print

a book of poems

Sunset in London

# 165

hundred silver wires

rain drops stream down the window

little girl knickknacks


# 166

falling short of words

I turn my mind upside down

–  black ink drop dries out

Medioevalis in soft leather and a feather pen

# 167

mom’s voice filled the room

“tell me about love, Mariù”

my feet on her feet

Gramophone playing in a narrow street, Castiglione del Lago, Italy

# 168

livid lips trembling

Venus gets out of the sea:

the first summer bath

Stained glass work

# 169

how much I miss you

sea cannot wash your shadow

away from my feet

Boat waiting for repairs, Chioggia - Italy

# 170

small voles run about

“from the war front still no news”:

seeds in the shelter

Abandoned tank in Lemnos, Greece

# 171

brand new tablecloths

hands knock on the village door

holidays begin

View of Montepulciano, Siena - Italy

# 172

door bursting open

curtains flutter cheerfully

hands full of cherries

Wrought-iron door handle - Montepulciano Italy

# 173

a ray of sunshine

doodles on my window pane:

white wagtails return

A colorful window in the sun - somewhere in Italy

# 174

in the hollow tree

last night improvised dinner

green berries, some shells

Hollow chestnut tree

# 175

late morning walk

perfection in a moment:

six orange brush strokes

Orange Lily in the wood

# 176

our footprints in sand

take hold of my hand and smile

to the horizon

Dalai Lama in Mirandola supporting people after the earthquake - Italy

# 177

meeting at midnight

owl shrieks hurt more than thorns

ghosts –  in the moonlight

In the wood at night

# 178

delicate shadows

read the past in their own palms:

pitch-black chimeras

Source of running water - Appennine Italy

# 179

sitting in the shade

cupped hands and blades of grass:

music for pansies

Pansies in the wood - Appennine, Italy

# 180

neither sky nor sea

earth – above all elements

astonishes me

Sibillini National Park, Italy

# 181

silly song on air

butterfly lands on a spike

enhancing the swing

Marvelous Papilio Machaon, today in my garden

# 182

talking to flowers:

at times, young pomegranate nods

to my monologue

Pomegranate in flower

# 183

a noisy take off:

after a hay bath elope

two pheasants in love

Hay lines, Apennine - Italy

# 184

wild herbs capture

the salty tang of the sea:

we’re perfume hunters

Amorgos, Greece - Abandoned windmill next to the Chora

# 185

water ellipses

flood the fields – life is good

clung to this branch

Green figs in my garden

# 186

in every flower:

the illogical reasons

of my shriveling


# 187

sunflowers notice:

Helios chariot must return

to the East, by dawn

It's fime for sunflowers!

# 188

summer laziness:

the sun delays the last plunge

into the skyline

Sunset - Aegian Sea

# 189

fresh scent of anise:

the pilgrim’s first recompense

then, a deep silence

Monastery of Hozoviotissa,  Amorgos - Greece

# 190

sleepless night -“kiu”

count on my fingers -“kiu”

little owl flat calls

Poggio by night, Elba island - Italy

# 191

the afternoon spent

hand fishing for rainbow trout:

laughing – at each flop

River Panaro - Italy

# 192

in a liquid state

words float on a inch of ink

still blank is my page

Scriptorium - writing set with Medioevalis

# 193

useless fluttering:

winged putti can’t shake off

the dust of time

Castle of Torrechiara - Parma, Italy

# 194

unquiet spirits:

young migrant starling yearn for

their first adventure

Blue sky and white cloud

# 195

larks and wren play tag

singing loud across the wood:

– it’s terribly late

In the wood

# 196

sitting on the quay

playful waves ruffle the view

… a vaporetto

Venice on the rocks! View of the Giudecca Channel, Italy

# 197

fine  rhyming couplets

lay open to ridicule:

the weight of culture

Bookshop window in Venice, Italy

# 198

stormy summer love:

to the white moon I entrust

this broken heart

Saturday afternoon in town, Bologna - Italy

# 199

your day languishes

in a dreary litany:

lazy cicadas

Playing with lines and colors

# 200

tonight, this veiled moon

opens the door to the past

…and to memories

Old wooden door

# 201

my grandpa workshop:

afternoons spent side by side

hunting  for treasures

Green, perhaps blue workshop door

# 202

when the music starts

notes  pop up, beat  then fade away:

foppish creatures

Street music, Bologna - Italy

# 203

cops and robbers

dark clouds are chasing the sun:

low-budget movie


# 204

late Sunday reading

chapter three: only cowards

runs away by dawn

Rocca Calascio, view from the castle -AQ, italy

# 205

a dinner for two

pendant glass drops are clinking

there’s even the moon

Glass decorated pendant

# 206

less than a whistle

elusive mermaids singing

torture for sailors

Sunset, Pellestrina lagoon - Chioggia Italy

# 207

pieces of white sky

my breath fogged the window up

that trip changed my life

Elliott Erwitt exhibition of photography - Giudecca, Italy

# 208

a mischievous wind

has rummaged for some good news:

mail box still empty

Mail boxes

# 209

stuck it on the wall!

miraculous remedy

for blank life phobia

Advertisement stuck on the wall, Italy

# 210

a thin strip of moon

warm wax leaks out of the night

too dark for nice rhymes

Art installation

# 211

down the Eastern shore

dreams and tragedies  – we are

round trip spectators

Tourists enjoying the early morning light by the Venice railway station stairs, Italy

# 212

long way to the top,

the marmot lasting whistle

rolls down the mountain

Rocca la Meja, Cottian Alps - Italy

# 213

nothing can stop clouds,

a herd of stormy bison

running to dreamland

The small village of Marmora, CN Piedmont, Italy

# 214

touch-and-go lovers

you and I so different

late summer logic

Black&Red Butterfly

# 215

water reflections:

pigeons dive and soar circles,

winged messenger

A glimpse of Mantova, Italy

# 216

full moon shone above,

the beach is down there – you said

going gently downhill

Vespa - reflections, Italy

# 217

a gentle breeze strokes

blond bunches of puffy grapes

they swing – good vintage

View of Montepulciano (Siena) Italy

# 218

Sunday afternoon

discrete shadow  floods the room

the last  visitor

Cyclamen, long shadow

# 219

director stick draws

mysterious signs in the air

all hands keep the beat

Street music, Bologna - Italy

# 220

as fast as the wind,

new day comes slamming all doors

dawn paints the room pink

Drying flowers, Romagna - Italy

# 221

marvelous summer:

feeling holds me hostage –  time

goes counterclockwise

Beach Party, Sottomarina - Italy

# 222

sun has gone away

stay with me – I can’t bear

two goodbyes  at once

Beach party, playing with exposures - Sottomarina, Italy

# 223

swept up with the tide

shells start an incredible

blind trip towards love

"un amore" - street photography

# 224

mid-summer sun walks

on an orange-yolk carpet:

early fall colors

Sunset on the hillside, Bologna - Italy

# 225

when the sun goes down

I dream of exotic lands

just west of nowhere

Sculptures in Ravenna -  Italy

# 226

rice paper moon

on the wake of a  thin bow

stars scattered all over

Green marble paper

# 227

about holidays:

long list of  expectations

a confusing map

Sculpture - Castello Estense, Ferrara - Italy

# 228

mid-August tourists:

long distance movers offer

a striking landscape

Sculpture - Ferrara, Castello Estense - Italy

# 229

nightlight smoothes out

true love last feeble shyness

all doors are open

Wrought iron door decoration

# 230

when times were darker

we leaned against each other

nestling in the shade

Giudecca Island, Italy

# 231

summer garden tales:

naming no name – old hazel

reminds the lost leaves

Old tractor in a garden, Italy

# 232

summer laziness

reading poems out loud – pause,

ceiling fan humming

Vista su Venezia dal Palazzo Tre Oci, Isola della Giudecca

# 233

stars are vanishing,

framed into the narrow streets

smell of fresh-baked bread

Wooden door in a blind street, Montepulciano (Siena) Italy

# 234

yellow, red, light blue:

to the colors of summer

I lend my body

Body art, street performance, Bologna - Italy

# 235

I’ve always enjoyed

fresh painted angels playing

in fake pale blue skies

Frescoed ceiling, private building, Tuscany - Italy

# 236

wide open window,

into the hands of the night

I put my bad dreams

Garlic hanging from the ceiling, Romagna - Italy

# 237

sea is just behind

the eternal moaning starts


Beach just before sunset - Adriatic Sea, Italy

# 238

firefly roams around

spirited paparazzi

flash in the vineyard

Beautiful grapes in a vineyard, Bologna - Italy

# 239

sands of time run slow

the image of you coming

is sweet – finally

Girls on the beach, Adriatic Sea - Italy

# 240

when the sun is low

here is Venus – evening star

silence around us

Sunset in the vineyard, Bologna - Italy

# 241

collection of stars

– remote seeds of a huge birth

cosmos is alive

Blue marble paper

# 242

misleading eyes:

even the richest garden

has shadows inside

Reflections - Venice, Italy

# 243

no room for new thoughts,

only the coming and going

of wave-washed rocks

Rose marble balcony - Adriatic Sea, Italy

# 244

day dies in silence,

boring breeze is harping on

a twisted Holm oak

Back yard, Giudecca Island, Italy

# 245

pretending to be

hundred-year-old fir-tree,

my feet in the mud

Lago di Resile - Resile Lake, Valmaira CN, Italy

# 246

carved in the shadow,

warding off antique spirits

modern figurehead

Against the light

# 247

blind travelers want

clear traces of happiness –

knock on the next door

Abandoned home

# 248

with trembling fingers

sun tries to stitch together

gray shadows – in vain

Greek patio with velocipede - Kithira island

# 249

five perfect ripples

pebble reaches the bottom,

latecomer fairy

Sitting by a waterfall

# 250

emotional sea

so cold and distant tonight,

sedate your mind

Mild sea storm, Mediterranean Sea

# 251

silent earth bodies –

plunged into darkness, wrapped

in honey – make love

Chora by night, Kythira island, Greece

# 252

stupid fly goes round

my pen is writing “goodbye”

goes round in circles

Blue window

# 253

fingers intertwined

on the womb of this harsh land

in peace, by this time

Small villages with Maniot towers, Mani Peninsula, Greece

# 254

light breeze is whispering

the echo of paradise

so sweet – in my ears

Casa disabitata, ovunque.

# 255

Fall leaves on the ground

wind needs to touch everything

we’re smiling puppets

Pinocchio, souvenir - Italy

# 256

laughing at fast clouds

big nose, it looks like a face

a pig, a dragon?

Floating cloud, somewhere in the sky,

# 257

summer is over

on the white-painted doorstep

two empty chairs

Mediterranean view

# 258

goodbye to the past

it’s the perfect time and place


Abandoned olive-mill

# 259

upside down viewing:

flowers are stars which fall

from the sky at night

Yellow orange Orchid

# 260

thorn architectures:

carefully a spider spins

a brand new trapeze

Old stone house in the wood, Apennine - Italy

# 261

playful autumn breeze

gone in the same way it came

glass still vibrating

Collection of empty bottles in a wine-cellar, Italy

# 262

Autumn is coming,

of its new marvelous plan

we are not aware

Mantova, renovation project - above the wall a shot dated 1908. Italy

# 263

green gown has fallen

clouds admire the earth’s naked skin

its shape – shamelessly

Crete senesi, Landscape - Italy

# 264

wind blows over hills

the long cypress alley sways

like dark eyelashes

Crete senesi, Landscape – Italy

# 265

in my town at night

light goes down, then it’s the night

absolute – that’s it

Via Clavature, Bologna by night - Italy

# 266

autumn festival,

spreading bright colors to cure

the fear of darkness

Painted pumpkins

# 267

a pale beam of light

silence falling absolute

rain on my shoulder

Old fireman bicycle, Museum VF, Mantova - Italy

# 268

in the empty sky

hawk’s shriek broke into pieces

I take a step back

Bismantova Monastery - RE, Italy

# 269

violet chalk dust

girl drawing on the pavement

fantasy flowers

Narrow street in Montepulciano, Italy

# 270

I feel so happy

you said waving a record:

it’s an old tango

Narrow street, Montepulciano - Si, Italy

# 271

table lamp shining,

my place is half a shelter

and half a cloister

Interior - by friends in Val Maira, CN - Italy

# 272

another dawn comes,

it’s colder here than elsewhere

without a lover

Interior, art show - Italy

# 273

first ray of sun, still

a pinch of dark and silence

forging the new day

Interior, art gallery - Sorano, GR - Italy

# 274

old town still alive

stone draping over the knees

wet breath of dark caves

Sorano, amazing old village - Italy

# 275

rain is pouring down

down walls and shoulders it streams

dunes melting away

Interior, art show - Italy

# 276

busy midge swarms draw

towers, fish, ships in the storm

waves of golden light

Field corn

# 277

last toll – bell vibrates

light flooding into darkness:

mushrooms for dinner

Stone lion, knocker - Italy

# 278

a carpet of leaves

fearing the unknown – like snails

we’re too glued to life

In the wood

# 279

side by side walking

like bees in search of honey

now, tired of flowers

Hand painted ceramic road sign - Italy

# 280

at a closer look,

in the cozy Autumn folds

Springtime is lurking

National art gallery, Bologna - Italy

# 281

in the morning light

the strength of life lasts no long

a fistful of soil

Geranium, flower

# 282

fertile wave raising

trapped in the cold hug, fulfilled

love that love devours

Praying Mantis in my garden

# 283

puffs of fog roll by

large footprints left behind

time to work wonders

In the fog

# 284

today commitments:

abandoning this warm bed,

reluctantly, though

Old door, Elba - Italy

# 285

dawn, a silent shell

voice hits walls and bounces off

oh, you never shut up!

Elba, a narrow street - Italy

# 286

high towers treasure

of the sky the deepest roots

behind keyless doors

# 287

Autumn red flames

blood burning in the earth’s heart

delight, then sorrow

# 288

crumpled leaves fancy

gold on a peat moss carpet:

baroque enchantment

# 289

Autumn colors take

roads that neither man nor fate

crossed, apparently

In the wood - Apennine, Italy

# 290

staying on the doorstep

carrying a bunch of dried herbs:

homage to Autumn

Castle in ruins, Kythira - Greece

# 291

a boring chitchat

predicting the coming rain

we’re like cicadas

Empty chairs

# 292

cooling down the pace

lanterns light the way at night

wind only abounds

Small window

# 293

a new sun rising

at the end of the journey,

near the edge of things

Rossena Castle and borgo, Italy

# 294

seed lays in its place

abandoned clouds floating

chorus of starlings

In the park

# 295

heaven capturing

evoke indefinite gestures

invisible tides

Paragliding, Sibillini National Park - Italy

# 296

a thin veil of fog:

night is dragging its long train

languidly away

A thin veil of fog, Apennine - Italy

# 297

mobile theatre comes

shouting stories and Juliet

again – dies for love

Mobile Theatre, Mantova - Italy

# 298

night wrapped in silence

leaves crunching under my feet

.. I apologize

Fallen leaves

# 299

a rancorous night

boatmen say – the sea keeps quiet

stars? Hardly any

In the fog

# 300

naked in the mirror

empty frame returns a rose

pruned close to the ground

The shot

# 301

memories are

handprints that come out at night

lived-in  satellites

Via dell'Archiginnasio, Bologna - Italy

# 302

last sunbeam light comes

slipping out of the rainstorm

surprisingly hot

Rosso Bologna

# 303

a whisper at most

wave coming and going is

exhausting, at last

Clay sculpture, Bologna - Italy

# 304

early morning light

unravels the night tangle

pearl after pearl

Bologna, view of the town - Italy

# 305

sweet autumn zephyrs

red leaves drawing arabesques

show for empty nests

In the wood

# 306

fistful of feathers

laying on the brink of the stream

last tumult of love

In the wood

# 307

sun darts the first beam

branches twined so gracefully

the air is perfumed

In the wood

# 308

raw winds chill my heart

taste of the sea on my lips

marvelous missed kiss

Pellestrina, Chioggia - Italy

# 309

long trek to water

ducklings learn the use of feet

following mother

Low clouds in the hills, Bologna - Italy

# 310

I’m tired of fishing

bread moistened in the fogs

once, this was a lake

Public park, Ravenna - Italy

# 311

uncommon dark night

obstacle to any dream

still urgent the call

Charlie's café, London - UK

# 312

antique astrolabe:

teaching that fish are not used

to conversation

Vintage metal boards, London - UK

# 313

frozen moon observes

sun yielding to sanguine red

the burning furnace


# 314

black clouds carrying rain

door flying open with a noise

somewhere, the thunder

View from the Asinelli Tower, Bologna - Italy

# 315

melodies of birds

repeated by the echoes

of mute mountains

View of the Apennine - Abruzzo, Italy

# 316

consulting the stars:

a portal of ebony,

eyes behold nothing

Gioconda, wall decoration - Bologna, Italy

# 317

a thousand flambeaux

artificial splendor helps

to  look through the gloom

Turkish lamps

# 318


in the folds of this moment

I bury my joy

Black tea, apple pie with strawberry sauce, Istanbul - Turkey

# 319

eternal mirror

face crossed by a distant smile

– the truth unspoken

Medusa head pillar, Basilica Cistern - Istanbul

# 320

daily carousel

paper sheets thrown in the air

as pale as the moon

Climbing the tower of Asinelli, Bologna - Italy

# 321

close to the others

history accumulates

souls, clouds, falling suns

Geometry - Galata bridge, Istanbul

# 322

darkness embracing

the cozy womb of the earth

water’s voice is clear

Basilica Cistern – Istanbul

# 323

great expectations

sometimes ending in nothing:

a pot of scorpions

The wait

# 324

motionless shadow

intent on embroidery:

that bohemian look

bohemian (urban) look, Istanbul

# 325

inside my pocket

a good-luck charm spelling how

to come out alive

Why? Bye, Urban look - Istanbul

# 326

bus left the suburbs

street artist sits in the back

tuning the oboe

Mix of colors, London - UK

# 327

spicy grains in hand

star cluster, like Pleiades

in the fragrant sky

Gran Bazar, Istanbul

# 328

oaring is tiring,

past floats on silty waters

we’re time passengers

Curious Vintage shop

# 329

slowly going adrift,

yes.. but I know I’m still alive

I know who I am

Tea seller, Grand Bazar - Istanbul

# 330

coffee grounds reading,

‘cause stars seem in confusion

about Tomorrow

In a coffee bar - Italy

# 331

last strokes of light

coloring those who venture

to the empty town

Road sign, Italy

# 332

daily pantomime

sun sinking, solemn and liar

stars crying in chorus

Colored bicycles, Modena - Italy

# 333

it’s raining, we talk

by the glimmering of a lamp,

sky is void of life

Exhibiton of photography, E.Weston - Modena, Italy

# 334

garden gathering,

a pair of gloves, the silence

of broody blackthorn

Vintage shop, Modena - Italy

# 335

looking at winter

through the voluptuous spirals

of my hot coffee

Fashion shop, Bologna - Italy

# 336

crumpled paper balls

there is only one page left

to  wall calendars

Shop window, Venice - Italy

# 337

equinoctial storm:

father, with my hand in yours

rain is enchanting

Istanbul - Turkey

# 338

Christmas lights above,

I sit down on an apple box

– business is booming

Urban view, London - UK

# 339

absence of roses,

spoiled garden comforting

the rancorous thorns

Bronze sculpture, Bologna - Italy

# 340

Christmas vacation

shoveling snow from the steps

of the veranda

Old school door in the snow, Valmaira _ Italy

# 341

blowing severely

wind takes all sounds far away

words flap like white sails

Istanbul, Sultan Selim garden

# 342

on the broad daylight

dream dust slowly settles down

– colors get brighter


# 343

moon among branches

sparkling just like a gold tooth

– midnight odds and ends

Scriptorium - Legatoria Koinè

# 344

sharp light falling down,

an emotive implosion

– loneliness, at first


# 345

lack of tenderness:

from the cold touch of darkness

light always recoils

Bologna, view from the Basilica of St.Petronio temporary scaffolding - Italy

# 346

dirty light outside,

staying silent by the fireplace

– intricate carving

Chestnut seller, Bologna - Italy

# 347

Christmas rehearsal,

little angel’s halo tilts

shepherd’s lip trembles

Chirstmas decoration

# 348

natural justice

leading stones to the river

and fruits to the ground

2CV - Bologna, Italy

# 349

amazing thin light,

wind blows on the wet colors

– to the heart of things

Murales, Istanbul

# 350

well-worn, in tatters

night comes across the first light,

– with such a courage

Istanbul by night

# 351

it’s not part of me

this ground, I mean, this shadow

– don’t belong to me

Light&shadow, Istanbul

# 352

while shadow lengthens

the flower of soul appears

flooded with silence

Against the light

# 353

year comes to an end

breathless, prostrate like a plough

stuck into the ground

Urban view

# 354

it must look stunning

– for those who reappear from hell

the lively village

Docking, Istanbul

# 355

heartbroken lovers

raving under wet blankets

oh! baroque novels


# 356

silver cloud wrapping

the lukewarm womb of the earth

like a priceless gift

Clouds, view from my window, Italy

# 357

frosty morning light,

drawing hearts on window pane

in a dead silence

Winter view, Apennine - Italy

# 358

we take on our lives

unconscious of what came first

tin-plated roses

Atelier of an artist, Istanbul

# 359

delicate feather

– the promise of tomorrow

the stroke of a wing

Merry Christmas!

# 360

Christmas holiday

old sea dog observes his boat,

his brand new shoes

By the sea, Adriatic Sea - Italy

# 361

water reflections

improper conversation

best left unsaid

Venice, Italy

# 362

beam of light diving

in the persistent silence

short-lived, half-smile


# 363

hearing from you lips:

every moment without peace

what a wasted gift!


# 364

gaze lost in space

mute is the word with no name

– another year’s gone

Venice - Italy

# 365

being imprisoned

by the grassy river banks

– my beloved homeland

Yellow buoy

# Daydreaming


it’s such a different thing

from thinking

Open gate with view

This is the verse that closes this long project “Haiku 365 -365 Photos”.
Read the last post.


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  1. Francina September 14, 2013 / 7:37 pm

    I still love to read them, Laura 🙂
    ciao, Francina

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