How many viewers?

A windy morning, a piece of paper

is fluttering about

I’ll catch it.


Lying on the love altar,

I offer myself to the enchantment of pain

poor, fated, unheard.


So Fellinian.. baroque enough to let

any adverb changing the whole: I’ll go for happily,

somewhere before lying or offer, or later, to frustrate the triad.


Some kind of failure drove him crazy, I guess.

A movie, a flop, the eleventh line:

I’m an awful lover, but still love better than you.

God, take the voice away of him. The plot is weak.


The Maestro had a clear base of judgment: boredom.

Well, keep that feeling for yourself!  He would have shouted.

As far as I’m concerned,

I’ll hold you off!


Zero viewers.

Vertical wood, Milan - Italy
“Vertical wood”, (building project) Milan – Italy

# 12


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