Top Lots

The pencil tip slides softly, a few rapid marks produce

light and vivid figures. Still unfinished but ready to leave, they hustle, bow, wriggle, climb the thin air, leap over the canvas limit and flee.

Voiceless, shadowless and furious

I guess.


Whatever I say comes from these signs,

physiognomies which get larger and closer; they catch my hands, plumb my depths and tell me not to rack my brains about that absurd theme of the double, the being and non-being, the void and the fullness, who cares?

And yet,


I suspect these thin and flexible stripes – unpredictable like water – have found a shelter somewhere.

As if, they and a few other species had found anywhere near a decent habitat and learnt how to carry on in this unstable and exasperate era.


To impose order in this irrational world, I blanketed my artwork, but in the room

visitors kept turning around it, intrigued. Later, three collectors battled against each other to win whatever was concealed from view.

“There’s a lot of money around and hope for the future” the auction house owner was

totally convinced.

Yellow - 5
Yellow varnished wall – #5



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