The comets

Skies get smaller when the comets devour them. It’s what kites were called where he was from. He used to make comets and play with them down the beach. He spent half of his life handling the long kite string against the wind to feel its strength, the rest trying to fix thin papers to dried swamp reeds with homemade glue.

When the invitation to the first international exhibition came, he showed up with a brand new piece: a yellow paper biplane with a red-painted flower on the top wings that recalled the brand of a supermarket.

Simple and with a reduced visual impact if compared to the rival architectures, that suburban kite was the only one that day to take off and duel against the riotous winds blowing across the competition field.

Witnesses, experts and jury ventured guesses about the complicated implications of the elements when simultaneously act in a particular situation. Other theories stayed unexplored.

The ask for sharing the project left him bewildered. In a blank page of the journal, he drew a few lines which summed up his personal concept of aerodynamics.

A few minutes later, he tapped trice the tip of the pen on the page and said “I still have doubts about this point”. With no other hesitation, he left the room. They had been waiting for him for ten years.

Art show. Ferrara (Italy)
Art show. Ferrara (Italy)

MICROfiction #24


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