Leather Photo Album “Medioevalis”

“Passion for details”. That’s what we suffer for at Legatoria Koinè.

No one is welcome in the workshop when a bookbinder is about to create a new piece. Here is the crime scene: pieces of colored paper on the chairs, stripes of leather on the floor, white glue dripping from a large brush, scissors and other tools abandoned on the working table, a door slamming for the wind, the coffee pot mumbling, voices from the street, a strange sense of anxiety in the room.

“I should better go”, I said. No answer.

“I’ve got a lot of things to do”. No move.

“Look”, he told me eventually, “That’s my new version of the Medioevalis, do you like it?”

Despite the enthusiasm I decided to play the fool for a while, so I took the brand new piece in my hands and gave it a very long and severe glance. “Well, it looks a bit different from the original shape; it’s larger and thinner and the lace is shorter. You know, the Medioevalis is a serious stuff; you can’t do what you like with it! May I open it up?”

A slight move of his eyebrows invited me to go on. I gently loosened the tie and unfolded it.

“Ah! It’s a photo album.” I realized I was smiling.

“It’s a 30 ivory color paper leaves photo album, Italian style, tissue paper before each page, medium size”, he made me notice and slipped a black&white curious print into it.

The leather cover was smooth and perfumed, I couldn’t stop touching it; the lace slid down by one side, slowly.

Medium size. It means 8,27″x9,84″ to me; it’s a perfect size for an intimate album; it’s ideal for pictures and notes about a minor but not less important event: a birthday party, a funny sightseeing, a special day with friends, a visit to a special person. God only knows how many occasions will people have to use it!

“Yes, I love it”, I simply said in reply to his former question.

He smiled back at me while I was getting out of the workshop with the “photo album Medioevalis” piece # 001 in my bag!

You can find it here.


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