Venice, walking on water.

Venice looks like a carousel; it inebriates you with colors and false promises. Light and dark, sky and sea are close at hand.

Rusty iron frames hide the horizon and the mirages of the sumptuous past fade away at every step.

Here and there smells of fresh flowers, fish, bread, antique stuff, salty water drying in the sun, warm bricks and sauce.

Venice tells you stories of lovers, fighting and conquest. The Canal Grande gently points to the East. A moment later you get lost in a silent “calle” or a dead-end street.

Venice is confusing; it first invites you to stay, then shouts to leave it alone!

It’s eccentric like an old Lady, but it’s nothing but a courtesan that spies all your moves.

And it laughs at you once you turn your back.

Venice’s waters crawl under doors that lead to nowhere. They look like paintings without a true subject.

Venice shows its face proudly. It’s enchanting, attracting, astonishing, relaxing, discouraging, touching, dramatic and very cool.

That’s’ what I wrote down in my small “Medioevalis” last time I went to Venice. It’s a small leather journal with a long lace, ideal for quick notes and sketches or small drawings.

Medioevalis in soft leather and long lace, ague-marine color

The “Medioevalis” journal is available in 3 different sizes: small cm 9×13 (3,54”x5,12”), medium cm 12×16 (4,72″x6,30″) and large cm 14×21 (5,51”x8,27”) and many colors: brown, red, aquamarine, orange, salmon pink and black. Inside: 126 ivory colour sheets of blank paper (gr.100).

You can find it here.


2 thoughts on “Venice, walking on water.

  1. Bjorn & Ingrid September 28, 2011 / 5:32 pm

    Nice blog! Very nice images of Venice here… 🙂

    • The right mood September 28, 2011 / 7:12 pm

      Thank you! 🙂 I love taking pictures here and there…

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