The “Antique Diary” has got a paper heart.

The “Antique Diary” is a one of my favorite journals. It’s surrounded by a sort of mystic aura. Despite the colorful interference of the marbled papers, your eyes can’t stop staring at the more secret part of it.Small Antique Diary

There, the paper shows an unexpected temper. The border of the sheets looks irregular, frayed and soft. It’s due to a quick yet gentle cut, made by an expert hand.

The “Antique Diary” has got a laid paper heart cut by hand. Small Antique Diary

Instinctively, you touch it. The fingers gently stoke it again and again as to set up a new long-term relationship. It will last forever. It always works like that.

The dark brown leather spine and corners create a sort of frame that forces the brightness of the hand decorated paper to assume a better composure. The four nerves in the leather spine induce the journal to stay into your hand in a natural way.

Medium Antique Diary

The “Antique Diary” is available in three sizes. The small one – 12×17 cm (4,72”x6,69”) – can stimulate the sense of possession and make you feel the urgency to use it immediately, everywhere, all the time. The medium size – cm 17×25 (6,69″x9,84”) is perfect on the desk and close to you for any need.  The maxi size – cm 25×35 (9,84”x13,78”) – can induce you to a state of inebriation; it’s like a painting, a piece of art; it’s unique.

"Antique Diary"

Inside: 104 sheets (88 in the maxi journal) of blank ivory colour laid paper (gr. 150), cut by hand.

You can find it here.


2 thoughts on “The “Antique Diary” has got a paper heart.

    • The right mood April 26, 2012 / 9:38 pm

      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by. We don’t do our own marbling, there are artists here in Tuscany doing it for us.

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