“Poems and Memories” – a precious leather journal.

“Ri&Po” is an acronym for “Memories and Poems” (“Ricordi e Poesie” in Italian). This is one of the most suggestive products of Legatoria Koinè’s collection."Poems and Memories" leather journal
It’s a hard cover brown leather journal topped by an old-looking embossed stud.
The leather is genuine, it’s treated with vegetal products and finished with special waxes that  follow an old recipe.  A final brushing makes it very soft and perfumed.Leather journals is part of Legatoria Koinè's collection

It lies in a dedicated “caramel” colour cardboard box, gently wrapped in a sheet of paper printed with old-looking handwritings.

It’s a precious thick journal; it’s soft and perfumed and represents the perfect gift for a passionate writer or a poet. With no doubt, it represents a perfect place for  intimate thoughts, personal notes, small drawings, memories as well as your great expectations for the future.Legatoria Koinè's collection

Size cm 14×21 (5,51”x8,27”).

Inside: 144 blank sheets (288 pages) of ivory colour paper (100 gr.).

You can find it here.


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